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Two doctors on an internet call.
Telemedicine and its Expansion in the Wake of COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way society functions has been disrupted. Arguably, healthcare has been impacted the most. Of the changes that have taken place, one of the most notable is the increased use of telemedicine due to broadened access.

Meet Janice
Meet Janice: Senior Epic ClinDoc and Stork Consultant

Janice is a Senior Epic™ consultant with certifications in ClinDoc and Stork™. She started her career as a nurse, which offers a unique perspective to every project and enables her to help the physicians and nurses she works with to provide better patient care.


A woman at a computer.
Recorded Webinar: Working From Home Best Practices

With many organizations transitioning employees and consultants to work remote, this webinar presented by Oxford focuses on best practices and the most important items to keep top of mind to make the most of your current remote work situation.

A man and a baby working at a computer
Kids, Fido, and WFH: A Short Survival Guide

Working remote tips for our consultants, and anyone working to find balance.

People in a meeting.
What Kind of Resume is the Right Type for You?

You’ve been working for a while now, and you’ve submitted countless resumes, but things are changing. We spoke to our recruiters about the best ways to create a resume that quickly grabs a hiring manager’s attention and clearly represents your experience, and you as an individual.

Man holding a cell phone with a Donate message on the screen.
Supporting our Communities During COVID-19

The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a ripple effect through our daily lives, our communities, and our world. As we band together to ensure the safety of our families and our communities, many are asking how we can help others.

Colleagues problem solving at computer
Case Study
Multi Location Workforce Management Including Rebadging

Our client won a large federal contract to provide IT support services to a federal agency. Discover how Oxford helped them to transition employees from the former incumbent integrator and its teaming partners to a new workforce management provider.

Woman working in lab
Case Study
Compliance & Quality Assurance for Seven-Week Remediation

In order to pass an upcoming FDA inspection, our client needed specialized support. Discover how Oxford's partnership made the difference. 

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How to Run an Effective Conference Call

Most people in today’s business world are familiar with conference calls, but what does it take for you to run an effective call?

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News & Events
HIMSS20 Global Health Conference & Exhibition

Connect with the team in Orlando to discuss your technical, clinical, and operational projects.  Learn how partnering with Oxford helps healthcare organizations meet their consulting and staffing needs.

Two women at a desk
#EachForEqual: International Women’s Day 2020

The 2020 International Women’s Day campaign theme focuses on how an equal world is an enabled world, and the concept of collective individualism, as our “individual actions, conversations, behaviors and mindsets” impact one another. 

A man working on a computer.
Best Practices for Working Remote

Businesses around the world have recently adapted and adjusted their policies to ensure business continuity, resulting in many professionals working from home for the first time. These best practices can help those new to remote work maintain productivity and stay connected.