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How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

Video interviews have become a common part of the interview process. They allow managers to get the process started quickly and save money and time. Here are some tips on taking your video interviewing skills to the next level and acing the conversation!

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AHIMA Convention & Exhibit

Come learn how Oxford Global Resources provides healthcare organizations with high quality staffing and consulting services. Our industry experts work with hospitals and physician practices to help manage health information, technology, and operational projects.

Summary of Mark's years with Oxford, most recent project, and advice
Meet Mark: Senior Microsoft Technologies Development Consultant

Mark’s expertise is primarily in Microsoft development technologies, but his passion for learning makes him an ever-evolving consultant with an in-demand skillset. His primary goal is to always give clients great work and measurable results.

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How to Pick the Right Recruiter: Questions to Ask During Your First Conversation

As a consultant, finding a recruiter you can trust is essential. How do you select the right recruiter, or company, to be that partner? It’s helpful to go into these discussions with a set of questions that will help you determine the best fit.

Meet Lisa
Meet Lisa: Global Organizational Change Management Training Consultant

Lisa has spent 20 years focused on the “human side of technical implementations” in her role as an OCM Training and Communication Manager. This focus on relationships enables her to devise elegant, yet practical solutions for her clients.

Consulting in Switzerland: What you Need to Know

As a consultant, there are many different factors within every assignment: the individuals, companies, project needs, and locations change each time. The majority of the time, those changes are fairly standard. However, when you receive an exciting new assignment in a country that has specific rules and regulations for consultants, there are crucial details that you need to be aware of. Switzerland is one of those countries that has unique regulations when working as a consultant.

Meet Alison
Meet Alison: Laboratory Information Systems Consultant

Alison is an Epic™-certified Laboratory Information Systems Consultant with a passion for installing and supporting products. The ever-changing nature of her role makes her excited to work with her clients and find innovative solutions.

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Oxford Celebrates 35 Years in Business
Oxford Global Resources is celebrating 35 years in business! In 1984, Oxford was founded in an abandoned schoolhouse in Massachusetts. Since then, we have focused on building relationships and trust with our clients and consultants, and as a result we have grown to a global company, with over 24 offices worldwide providing services in 44 countries.
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35 Reasons We Love Staffing & Services

It’s our 35th anniversary, and we couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to take a moment to recognize how much we truly love what we do. So, we came up with a list of 35 reasons why we love working in the staffing and recruiting industry.

A computer screen with a remote meeting in progress.
7 Tips for Conducting Remote Meetings

If working from home is a part of your usual routine or you have found yourself working from home temporarily, conducting meetings remotely can still be just as effective as being face-to-face. Whether you are a manager or a member of a team, these tips can help your meetings run smoothly while working remote.

Summary of Doug's years with Oxford, most recent project, and advice
Meet Doug: Healthcare IS Consultant

Doug has been working with Oxford since 2017, when his recruiter reached out to him. One of the things that stuck out to Doug was the confidence Chris had in his ability to match Doug with opportunities that fit his skills and interests.

People at the MedTech summit.
Key Takeaways from the 2019 MedTech Summit

The 2019 MedTech Summit in Brussels was an event chock full of information and insight. This year, with more than 250 meetings over the course of five days, the main focus was a deep dive on the many facets of MDR and IVDR. Over 500 MedTech managers, directors, and executives were in attendance, all with the goal to learn as much as possible about these regulations and the various factors involved in achieving compliance before the upcoming deadlines.